Tuesday, May 10, 2011


How thrilled we are to add another blue bow to our family tree! We are thrilled and so excited to announce the birth of: RYDER PATRICK FRY! He was 8 lbs. 2 oz. and came with a head FULL of black hair! Shocking for 2 blondies!! (however, Kelley's mom said she was born with dark hair and it fell out and in came blonde!)!. He's beautiful and healthy! I am writing a week later b/c Kelley AND Ryder spent a week in the hospital. She had pre-eclampsia and he had some , not too serious, breathing problems so he spent the week in the NICU. They did a C-section and he was born Monday, May 2nd in the late afternoon.Did Patrick arrive in time? No, sadly, BUT, was here by 11:30 that night! So, Ryder was only a few hours old when his daddy got there, thankfully!!! Terry and I picked him up from the airport and took him straight to the hospital. He was thrilled to see Kelley and couldn't WAIT to take the elevator to the NICU to meet his new son!!!! I'll never forget the look on Patrick's face as he gazed into the face of his newborn son. Nothing is sweeter in this world than watching your children become parents! Terry and I are proud to say we have seen all our children now become parents. ANd what a joy it has been watching each one of them parent and love on their babies!

I am so excited that they are coming here for a few days. Hopefully, I can help them out a bit and let Kelley rest. She has had a hard time with swelling and B/P issues so we are hoping that all of that will soon go away so she can enjoy her new baby and having her husband home for a few more days. She says she feels good, but I know how it feels to have a C-section (I had one--ugh!) and I know she needs to rest. Plus, I get to see Patrick, too! I can love on all three of them for a few days!!!! They are so excited and so precious with him!!!! I'm so happy for them and for Jon/Katie having these precious baby boys. While I love boys AND girls, I must be honest (didn't I say I'd be honest? LOL!) and say baby boys hold my heartstrings!! YES, I love GIRLS, but hey, it's ok to have a preference, right? And I've always LOVED BOYS. I do have 3 of them, too!!!! OK OK, so I love ruffles and bows and tutu's, but give me a box of dinosaurs ; Thomas the Train; baseball; dirty boy   kisses and pockets full of bugs! I love it! LOL!!!!! And until one of those little  (BOY) critters come into your life, you just can't imagine how much love there is. I call  Carter "my little monkey" and Ryder "my little possum": my little critters!!!
Yes, and it makes me cry when I hold them/smell their breath/brush their hair/cuddle them and love on them.  Yes, I'm obnoxious about them--- I just am in LOVE with the newest members of our family!!!!!!! 

Heading to have Ryder!

We love you, Kelley!

Waiting in the waiting room for Carter's cousin to arrive!

Aunt Rachel and Aunt Kadie came to "wait", too!

Uncle Michael and Lily holding Carter

Patrick getting his arm band!

Fixing to meet his SON!

I don't think this even needs a caption!

OUR NUMBER 7 Grand-baby!

Ryder spent a week in the NICU


Uncle PatPat with Carter!

GranJan's little POSSUM

what is cuter than a baby tush?


Patrick says he is taking him to the barber shop! NOT!

Big T and Carter!

Carter is ALWAYS hungry! LOL


beautiful boy

mommy juice !

Angelina Jolie lips!

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